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 Prepare for your next mission with the ultimate laser load out from Power Tag!


Every Power Tag Bonus Pack comes ready for high octane, 6 player action!  Equipped with 4 vests, 4 guns, and 2 Battle Blaster gloves, the Power Tag Bonus Pack will ready your squad for every kind of mission.

Power Tag guns shoot at a range of 150ft, with light-up action and booming sound FX that put you right in the zone, with coverage all across the battlefield. Power Tag is suitable for indoor or outdoor play, day or night. 

Choose your allegiance with four different team colors to choose from. Your team color can be changed by using the team change button located on the Power Tag laser gun, vest, and Battle Blaster. Players can choose between blue, green, red, or white

So simple to set up, even your parents can do it!


(Only available in the 6 Player Bonus Pack)

Activate the switch on the back of your Power vest to get started. Your vest will pulse with a blue light, indicating you’re ready for squad selection. Pick your team allegiance with the button located at the top of the vest. Players can choose between blue, green, red, or white.

Monitor your life points with the 3 red “life indicators” which glow at the top of the vest. Each player has 9 life points. On each hit, your life indicators will fade and your vest will vibrate. Once all  9 of your indicators have faded, your luck has run out, and you’re eliminated from the match!

On every hit, your vest will vibrate with lights and sound. The vest’s flash pattern will blink differently depending on the ammunition you have been hit with. Once you lose all of your life points, your vest blinks with your team color, and you are eliminated from the mission.

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Power Tag laser guns load up quickly and let you jump right into the action! Pick your team color with the button located above the trigger on the left side of the gun, then get ready to strategize your play style with your squad.

Prepare your team with the right mix of offense and defense by selecting your firing mode . Like the vest, you must also select your team color on the gun, choosing between blue, green, red, or white.  


Be defensive and precise with the Pistol, up close and personal with the Shotgun, rapid and combative with the Machine Gun, or wreak havoc with the Rocket Launcher.



12 shots before reload/ 1 damage per shot



6 shots before reload/ 2 damage per shot



6 bursts before reload/ 2 damage per shot



1 shot before reload/ 3 damage per shot

Ammo capacity, firing speed, and damage dealt is different between each firing mode, giving every mode unique strengths and weaknesses.  

​Keep your head in the game with realistic reloading action. Release and load the ammunition clip on the bottom of your gun to replenish your shots.

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Be a one man wrecking machine with the Power Tag Battle Blaster! Victory is literally in the palm of your hand. The Battle Blaster combines your vest and gun into an single piece that fits over your arm. The Battle Blaster features the same firing modes as the gun but lets you move quicker and makes you a harder target to hit. Select your team with the indicator light, or put your enhancements to the test and go rogue on your own one man team. As with the vest and gun, select your team colors on the Battle Blaster, selecting between blue, green, red, or white.


With the Battle Blaster, keep victory literally in the palm of your hand!


·    The infrared beam may hit outside of the target zone.

·    Not guaranteed that your shot will register exactly every time.

·    Turning off the gear and then back on will reset and the game starts over.

·    Covering the receivers may cause difficulty in shots registering.

·    Works up to 150ft in low light , effectiveness in brightly lit environments may decrease this range.

    All infrared devices pass child safety emissions under 1-MW



Your Power Tag gear operates with up to 3 hours of battery life, thanks to our built-in power saving technology.

All Power Tag products have fast paced play as well as your battery conservation in mind. To ensure high octane action, players must fire their weapon, or be shot every 3 minutes. If your gear is idle for longer than 3 minutes, your equipment automatically switches off, keeping your batteries powered for longer and giving your peace of mind when putting down your gear after a battle.

When your vest enters standby mode after inactivity, power it back on by first pressing the "Team" button on the front of the vest, then toggle the switch on the back of your chest-plate from "on" to "off" before powering up your vest again. Check out our instructional video for a visual explanation.

Power saving mode ensures you get more life out of your batteries and piece of mind for leaving if you accidentaly leave your devices on after play.