The Ultimate Match

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

There are only two-out-of-three red life lights blinking on my Power Tag gun and vest; I’m behind the sofa and hear footsteps approaching rapidly… it’s the enemy!

Dad warns me that they’re coming from the hallway, we’ve turned most of the lights off and I can’t see too much, so I’m grateful for his help. The blue team really is doing a great job looking out for each other. I take a deep breath and whip my laser tag gun up, aim towards the direction of the footsteps and open fire.

I’ve selected the machine gun game mode and the vibrations the gun makes as I pull the trigger match the racing of my heart. I’ve made a hit! The enemy’s vest is beeping frantically and one of their red life lights is extinguished.

I dart across the living room, changing my toy gun mode to the pistol setting as I do. I know there’s someone around the corner, and I’m about to deliver another laser-tag doom shot. Before I whiz around the edge of the wall, I see it: the Battle Blaster.

The silver and black Battle Blaster is raised, and before I can do anything to stop it, I feel my vest vibrate, and watch as my second-last red light flickers off. I retaliate quickly and fire a shot straight at the mighty glove – I hear it whirr in defeat, and I smile triumphantly at the retribution I served up so rapidly.

The players on the red and green teams are all already out. That just leaves us, and the white team; we’ve got three players left and they’ve got two.

I hear Dad hoot and holler, he’s made another hit, which means we’re one shot away from victory! I duck and roll behind the coffee table, get up onto one knee, and survey the scene. I can’t see anyone but I can hear shallow breathing. As I lower my laser-tag gun I hear dad mutter, “Darn!”. He’s been hit and says our other blue teammate is out of the game too.

That means it’s up to me to preserve our honor! I sprint across the living room, reload my toy gun clip and change to rocket mode. I see a flash of white ahead and I aim my gun in its direction. Pew Pew! I make the hit and see my opponent hang his head in defeat.

I’ve done it! Victory for the blue team! But before I even have time to high-five my

teammates someone shouts “Another game!” and everyone is resetting the toy guns and vests to new team colors.

The next shooting game of Power Tag has begun, and this time I’ve got the Battle Blaster!

We all zoom off in different directions, and my heart is racing all over again…

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