The Battle Blaster!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Be the MVP with the Battle Blaster!

Power Tag introduces the Battle Blaster, a futuristic take on the laser tag toy gun. Attached to the wrist and hand, like a superhero’s mighty weapon, the Battle Blaster glove functions as the toy gun and laser-tag vest; both delivering and receiving shots.

Designed for both left- and right- handed users, the Battle Blaster Glove is gripped at the bar at the top, and shoots invisible lasers using the button to the right.

Power on your Battle Blaster, select your team color and just like that, you’re ready for

battle! Choose your toy gun mode – pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or rocket launcher – and deliver your shot by aiming for your opponent’s vest or glove during your shooting game.

Your Battle Blaster also functions as your laser-tag vest and will vibrate when you’re hit. Three red lights indicate your lives and, when they’re all gone, you’re out of the laser-tag game.

Power Up Your Battle Blaster!

The battery-operated Battle Blaster is lightweight and ensures action-packed laser-tag games. Play shooting games with other Battle Blaster wearers or with opponents carrying toy Power Tag laser guns and vests.

As a bonus to the Power Tag set, the Battle Blaster offers hands free action role play games and ensures wearers feel like invincible heroes engaged in epic laser-tag battle!

Battle Blaster in Action!

Two Battle Blasters are included in the Power Tag bonus pack, along with two laser-tag toy guns and vests. The only thing left to worry about, is who’ll be lucky enough to the wear the Beam Glove first!

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