Introducing Power Tag!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

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Laser Tag, Evolved!

Power Tag is a multi-player set of laser-tag guns, vests and Battle Blaster Gloves that bring the thrill of the laser arena into the player’s home!

Up to 4 teams, with an unlimited amount of players, can engage in one game at a

time. Using the battery-operated Power Tag guns, vests, and Battle Blaster Gloves, players shoot and receive infrared beams that are 100% safe, leave 0% mess and still offer 100% fun.

laser, tag, guns, lazer, power, beam, blaster, beam, toy, loadout, battle
Select Your Load Out

Using quality materials, the Power Tag Bonus Pack is designed to deliver a high-energy laser-tag shooting game that incorporates flashing lights, exhilarating sound effects and accurate range, straight to your home or garden. So simple to set up, even your parents could do it!

Each player is equipped with a handheld laser-tag toy gun and a comfortable vest that is securely clipped around the player’s neck and waist. Alternatively, players can opt for the Battle Blaster, which serves as both the gun and vest. And that’s all you need to enjoy a high energy game of Power Tag!

laser, tag, guns, lazer, power, beam, blaster, beam, toy
The Ultimate Lazer Experience

The guns operate up to 150 feet away and when a shot is delivered to an opponent’s

laser tag vest, the vest will vibrate and light up, informing the player how many lives they have left in the game.

Throughout the game, players decide what mode to set their gun to; pistol,

shotgun, machine gun, or rocket launcher, with each setting delivering varying damage. For ultimate effectiveness, play in a dimly lit environment, which will increase both

effectiveness and adrenaline levels for your lazer experience!