How To Play

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Fast Paced Fun!

Power Tag is a set of toy laser-guns, vests, and Battle Blaster gloves that offer a multitude of exhilarating laser-tag shooting game options.

Using safety-tested infrared beams, the battery-operated toy guns shoot invisible

ammunition into opponents Power Tag vests, which will register the shot with vibrations

and lights. Alternatively, play with the Battle Blaster Glove, which functions as both the gun and vest.

Up to 4 teams can play at a time, each distinguished by a team color. Teams are made visible with lights on both the gun and vest. As long as each player is geared up with a gun and vest or Battle Blaster, the amount of players per team is unlimited.

Setting Up Your Kit

Setting up:

-Turn on your vest using the switch on the back and secure it to your chest, using the straps that extend around the neck and waist.

- Select your team color using the button located at the top of the vest.

- Power up your gun using the on/off switch. It will make a sound and light up, prompting you to select your team color using the smaller button on the left hand side of the gun.

- Ensure your vest and gun team colors correspond.

- If you’re using the Battle Blaster, securely fasten it to your arm, turn it on and select your team color using the button under the team indicator light.

How to play:

- For best results, choose a dimly lit environment to begin your laser-tag game.

- On your toy gun, select your mode:

1) Pistol which delivers 12 direct shots with 1 point of damage each

2) Shotgun which delivers 6 shots with 2 points of damage each

3) Machine gun which also delivers 6 shots with 2 points of damage each

4) Rocket launcher which delivers 1 shot with 3 points of damage each

Choose Your Weapon!

- Aim your gun or Battle Blaster at your opponents’ vest or glove, it will shoot effectively up to 150 feet away.

- When you hear the clicking sound, you’re out of ammunition and need to reload a fresh clip using the button on the bottom of the handle.

- When you’ve been shot your gun and vest or Battle Blaster will vibrate

-Lives are indicated by the 3 red lights at the bottom of your vest and side of your gun or Battle Blaster. When your lives are all gone, you’re out till the next game begins.

- To ensure a fast paced game, after 3 minutes of inactivity the vest, gun and glove will enter power saving mode. The power switch will have to be turned off and on again, resetting the game.

Play action-packed games at home with friends and family, with Power Tag there’s no need to visit the arcade again!

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